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A8M1 prototype by Genbe89
A8M1 prototype
there is the A8M1 prototype, as Zero looks at the plane he designed, by visualizing what the A6m to A7M would be as a Jet fighter
B9A5 attack plane by Genbe89
B9A5 attack plane
Zero also designed another plane, the B9A5 attack plane is a Twin prop swept wing ground attack plane, it has a 30mm cannon in the propeller hub, 2x 12.7 mm (50 cals) guns on the side of the nose, and 4x 20mm cannons in each wing, and can be fitted with the Kyo 1 air to ground missiles, it can reach a speed of 460 mph, despite the heavy armament, it has an extreammly new experimental engine, that allows it to go faster then a P51 mustang, however, Zero is also thinking of weither, to omit the 30 mm cannon and replace the twin prop with a jet, but he does like it better as a Propeller plane, though not designed to be a fighter, in theory it can shoot down an enemy jet with its cannons, its main role is to be a support plane, for ground attacks
Zero's story 4 by Genbe89
Zero's story 4
Here is the next scene from Where Zero is telling Masayuki the stories of Him and Harumi and how they met, this scene shows the B6N Tenzen firing the Modified Torpedo converted into an Air to ship missile, which was fired into a captured Discordian ship, the scene is from the story Weapons Testing by :iconwwii44:
A8m2 sketch by Genbe89
A8m2 sketch
just something Zero once sketched a continuation of the A line of fighters, from the A6M, A7M, and then the Jet powered A8M2, he would like to have it built even it wasn't accepted for combat use by the INAF or the INNAF
A6M sparkle by Genbe89
A6M sparkle
Originally I was going to make this A6M5 based off the one in DC, but then I felt that would be too generic, though I can always do it at a later time, instead I based it off my A6M5C, from IL2 1946, though this is the ko, so now Its the A6M sparkle, the Cutiemark vector was by Blackgryphon and the Twilight vector was by lazy_joe

game War Thunder

MLP (c) Hasbro
No matter what I try I can't get IL2 1946 to work on my Windows 7, well it did at one point, but I messed up with the wrong patches, so I uninstalled it, and now it won't reinstall, don't know what to do
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